10 thoughts on “Swift and Company, 1919

  1. Great photo–remember the place…and the smell! They probably could have filmed “The Jungle” (written by Upton Sinclair) there!

  2. As a school child in the Portland Public School System I was twice taken through this very facility on field trips in the late 40’s. I can tell you that nothing was held back. The tour would begin in the holding pens and pass from there to the killing floor and thence to the bleed out and skinning and on to the breakdown and processing including even the process of making wieners. At that time, the forties, children were not sheltered from the realities of where our food came from.
    The several abattoirs in this area provided us with really fresh meats as opposed to the frozen adulterated boxed products we now consume and provided at the same time hundreds of well paying union jobs.
    Just saying.

  3. In the 60’s I worked for a freight outfit and picked up many loads of processed meats (hot dogs, lunch meats, bacon, etc.) in reefers as well as “green hides” that we hauled in flat beds with sideboards! To be honest, not some of my best memories. If I was dispatched out to N. Marine Dr., like most of the drivers , I preferred to pick up next door at Flex-Pak (a Crown Zellerbach Co.)

  4. I really appreciate the fact that a whole lot of information is missing in these posts because then I get to go look them up and learn some stuff. I get to learn whether or not the site still exists, where exactly it was located and, in this case, what Swift and Company was. So thanks for being vague on the details because it helps me learn!

  5. I remember the derelict Swift plant from when I was a kid. I often drove with my Dad to his job at the Union Collier plant in Rivergate and we passed the abandoned Swift buildings. It was torn down in 1970 or ’71.

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