15 thoughts on “N Williams Avenue, 1971

  1. I’m pretty sure this is taken from N Knott St. looking south. The building at the far end of the row (just across a street — Russell) is still there and is on the SW corner of Williams and Russell. The other buildings are gone and the block is unused but apparently acquired as part of the Emanuel expansion. I imagine that is what this photo is documenting.

    The view today.

  2. We can see the distinctive dome of the Hill Block building down at the corner of Williams & Russell. The dome still survives, but I wish this block could have been saved. These buildings were razed for a Legacy Emmanuel expansion that never happened.

  3. My childhood on the internet! Mother, a nurse a Emanuel grad and nurse there for over 40 years, patronized these businesses prior to their demise. The market mid-block was “our” meat market. The domed building at the end of the block was the Matthieu Drug. Talk about a time warp! That place was amazing even back in the ’50s. There she payed the utility bills and maybe someone else recalls the uniqueness of this enterprise. The Emanuel renovation took these buildings.

  4. interesting scale here,retail below,apartments above. this is what should be built,instead we get high dollar apts with “boutiques” below. this would have been a real neighborhood,unlike what’s being built just up the road. maybe they can use robot servers ala japan,when no workers can live here anymore

  5. Urban renewal only benefits already rich real estate owners and developers. And the people rich enough to be able to afford to live there afterwards which is not many if any of the prior residents. In my 64 years of living in Portland I have yet to one project that actually benefited the people who were living there before an urban renewal project. Rant mode off.

  6. Another gorgeous picture! It’s interesting to see what that strip of area had before it was tore down. Please post more pictures like this about Williams avenue. Thanks! 🙂

  7. My granny worked at Emanuel for 30 years as well as a nurse after WWII in the maternity ward. Before she passed about 5 years ago, when she was fairly housebound at her home in North Portland, I took her for a drive to see how Williams, Mississippi, Alberta and the like had evolved..she was dumbfounded.

  8. These buildings are boarded up like much of Union (MLK) was after the race riots in Portland in the 1960’s. no one wanted to go there or own there.

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