13 thoughts on “SW Broadway, 1960

  1. That large wall sign on the building on the east side of the street that is partly visible is for PGE. Their HQ used to be in that building

  2. What a gorgeous picture! I was born on 1979…..but I always wish I was born much earlier to have the experience of the 60’s and 70’s! But…..I LOVE looking at pictures of days pass in those eras of the places where I’ve lived. Portland’s history is very interesting. I’m so happy I discovered this website.

  3. And another view of US Bank on the left. My son was born in 1960 and my husband worked for US Bank then. I remember circling that block with my big belly uncomfortably touching the steering wheel when I went downtown to pick him up. That car on the left (not parked, but in the lane) looks like our 1949 blue Chev. with the white top. Thought it might have been me until I saw the Christmas decorations on the lamp posts. My son was born in October.

  4. That must have been quite a spectacular sunset to get the whole street rose-colored like that. Bright reds and blues elsewhere in the photo, so it isn’t an artifact of aging.

    Sadly, all those crappy instagrammed photos people take now will have none of the un-filtered beauty of a shot like this.

  5. Great and informative photo. I had no idea that the Liberty Theater building (across the street from the Benson addition) had suffered such a disastrous remuddle before being torn down to make way for the Union Bank of California. As near as I can tell, the only other structures in this photo that are no longer with us are the Orpheum Theater and Royal Building that were torn down to put up the Nordstrom Block, and the Meier & Frank Parking Garage that (thankfully) has been replaced with Pioneer Square.

    I’m sorry I never got to dine at Jolly Joan, “Portland’s Largest and Most Modern Sandwich Shop.”

  6. When did the Liberty Theater close? I don’t remember it during the time that I was exploring downtown in the mid-60s. I know it didn’t exist when the Bank of California went into that spot. But there was something there up until the bank building was built in the late 60s. Anyone know?

  7. @Chuck: According to the Midtown Block Historic Assessment from the City of Portland, the Liberty was demolished in 1959 and there was subsequently a parking lot on the site until 1969 when the Bank of California tower was built. if you google that you should be able to find a link to the pdf.

  8. My mistake, Chuck,

    The foreshortened perspective of the photo make it appear that the building that had abutted the Liberty Theater was actually on the corner.

    Thanks for the correction and additional info, Brian.

  9. Thanks, Jim & Brian. I can remember buildings better than parking lots. No wonder I had no memory of the sight until the Bank of California went up.

  10. Jolly Joan–best hot fudge sundaes in town…well, maybe the Tik-Tok; no Farrell’s was good too…maybe Yaw’s

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