8 thoughts on “U.S. National Bank, circa 1918

  1. Does anyone know when they added the revolving doors on each side of the main door? I didn’t realize those weren’t an original part of the building.

  2. Marijane,

    If I had to guess, I would say the revolving doors on the east side were added sometime around 1924-25 when the western half of the bank was being constructed on the lot occupied in this picture by the Elks Lodge.

  3. Back in the days when men were men and bank buildings were built like Greek temples. And the number of surviving bank and ex bank buildings seems to be higher than any other kind of commercial building.

  4. Albert E. Doyle Architect.
    Exterior clad glazed terra cotta was molded in wooden forms and manufactured by the Gladding McBean Company of SF and shipped by rail from their plant outside Sacramento, CA.

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