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Can anyone help us out with the exact location of the southeast residences? The photograph was taken circa 1967.

Southeast residences, circa 1967: A2011-002.343

Southeast residences, circa 1967: A2011-002.343

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FOUND: 1909, 1903 and 1863 SE Elliott Ave in Ladd’s Addition

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  1. I don’t know where they are located but I like that all 3 have that little bump-out covered doorway with sideview windows for people to get out of the rain

  2. They look like homes in my sisters neighborhood Colonial Heights. The fact that there are sidewalks and established parking strips it must be an inner city neighborhood.

  3. Dang Eric C… You are good.
    Google street view doesn’t show many of the homes very well as they are obstructed by trees, but this view clearly shows the last house on the left.
    I think you nailed it!

  4. I’ve been wondering… When you see three houses like this, clearly built at the same time by the same builder but with minor differences, was that the builder’s choice or because there were already buyers and they requested it? I know it could be different for different houses. I live in a house that is one of 3 that are essentially the same or mirror image of each other. I’m also fascinated by how different these houses end up looking years later because of changes by the different owners. Is this a subject anyone on here is familiar with? thank you!

  5. @Katie The left and right house are dead ringers to be twins, the one in the middle most likely is but hard to tell for sure without a little more inspection. This sort of set up is evident of what I call a tier 2 builder. Tier 1 builds the same plan 17 times and is in it for maximum profit over minimum time. Tier 2 builders use mirror images, subtle roof changes and other such tricks that can sometimes be done without a separate set of plans. They at least understand the pleasant aesthetic of minor diversity and that it mimics nature.

  6. History. I live in SE Portland with so many of these houses and when I walk by them I wonder about their history and how they’ve changed over time. But seems like it would be weird to knock on people’s doors and say “hey, tell me about your house” or even to start researching someone else’s house! I’m sorry to anyone else getting this message, but I really appreciate Brian’s ideas.

  7. A good start is to look up the address on You can at least see some historic permits on there, which would include names of previous owners. Most of the time it’s just a sewer hookup from the 20’s or 30’s. If you’re really bold you can look up the original plat map on

  8. @Kate,

    Some possibilities:

    1) Architectural Heritage Center. They have an e-newsletter you can sign up to receive.

    2) Doug Decker, proprietor of, has a list of resources you can consult for the history of specific houses. (He’ll also research a specific house if you pay him).

    3) The Multnomah County Library has a list of house-history resources in its collection.

    4) Check with your neighborhood association. They may publish a history book (the library may also have copies of them) or have local history tidbits in their newsletters.

    Hope this gets you started.

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