6 thoughts on “N Interstate Avenue, circa 1950

  1. They took a wide, busy boulevard and ruined it
    to accommodate the stinkin’ crime-met light rail.

  2. Note the 3 railed tracks on right (narrow for 30″ streetcar gauge and wide for U.P. standard gauge of 4 ‘ 8 and 1/2″

  3. that UP rail was a spur line which ran up to a milling company over to the left of the pic. I remember in the 50s at night a switch engine rambling down Interstate from Albina yards with same…(the name of the milling company escapes the mind!).

  4. interstate was already a secondary road by then. plus’it was MUCH busier when the trolleys ran on the same road,pre i-5 days, ergo the interstate appelation

  5. Bruce, the interstate name came from it’s being connected to the ferry,
    then bridge that crossed to Vancouver. Now, I-5 has commandeered that span.

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