9 thoughts on “Portlandia, 1985

  1. That is a terrific piece of art, it should be relocated to a place where it can be better appreciated (possibly Pioneer square). Unfortunately Michel Graves Portland Building does not live up to this statue’s quality on any level of architecture. It is a good example of what under-funding a public work produces.

  2. Somewhere I have a pic of Mayor Bud poling his canoe in the standup position as the barge is being docked at the seawall.

  3. I’ve heard suggestions that the statue should be placed atop the fountain at Pioneer Square, but I think it would look great on plinth build out over the sidewalk and attached to the Nordstrom building. This way it would be highlighted as part of a gradation looking from the East side of Pioneer Square towards the West and the new Park Avenue West Tower.

  4. Oregon Public Broadcasting got dinged when they used Portlandia in one of their print ads long long ago.

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