N Russell Street, 1974

Looking west on N Russell Street near N Borthwick Avenue, 1974. This image was taken as a part of the Emanuel Hospital Urban Renewal project.


Emanuel Hospital Urban Renewal project, 1974: A2000-033

Emanuel Hospital Urban Renewal project, 1974: A2000-033


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19 thoughts on “N Russell Street, 1974

  1. Is that brick building on the left the old White Eagle Saloon? If so, that is where after work in the 70s I spent many a night drinking cheap beer and throwing peanut shells on the old wood floor. Good times.

  2. I dont see the Swinging Anchor tavern… This pic might be just beyond it.
    Thank goodness that place burned in the 80s, was an evil place. But would no doubt gone gentrified as the rest of this area.
    Btw, i wonder if that Willys stationwagon just past the cleaners is the same one the cleaners owner had at least until the 90s ?

  3. Notice the approach spans to the Freemont Bridge. Nice, white, and not covered in graffiti or paint peeling off.

  4. Also notice that only the approach span appears to be built… the road deck abruptly cuts off in the extreme upper left of the photo.

  5. I’m curious if that apartment compels on the right will be rebuilt or torn down soon. It’s awful shape and boarded up today. It would be sad to see it go though. Hopefully someone can restore it!

  6. Notice that half the building on the right (the one that is in bad shape today) has been torn down, replaced by a parking lot.

  7. Wow, that old building is still standing? I haven’t been by it in several years, but I remember seeing it over 10 years ago and being surprised it hadn’t been torn down yet. Now I’m absolutely shocked it hasn’t been torn down.

  8. Speaking of old building somehow still standing, does anyone know how this house has managed to remain standing? I know it’s off the subject of this place, but it’s near here and another long vacant structure that’s still around. https://goo.gl/maps/Yaqdp

  9. @Mark, I’ve always wondered the same thing too! That house is like a flashback to N. Williams/Vancouver 20 years ago!

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