12 thoughts on “SW 4th Avenue, 1931

  1. In the center background are three structures. They look like they might be round and perhaps under construction, but it is hard for me to tell from this photo. Anyone have any idea what these structures are? Thanks in advance.

  2. Those are the ubiquitous gas storage tanks they used to use. I don’t know what they store natural gas in now and why they needed those tanks then. The ones in the picture were the ones located just northwest of the intersection of Powell and 11th where there is now a hole in the ground.

  3. Running down the middle of SW 4th we can see the Southern Pacific railroad track going to Salem and other points in the Willamette valley, at the right hand side of the photo it goes off the pavement, about to cross the long trestle across Marquam Gulch. In a few years, the tracks and trestle will come out, and the gulch off screen to the right will be filled by Barbur Blvd and Duniway Park.

  4. The owner of the store on the right (“F. Jachetta”) was Frank Jachetta (1878-1942). He immigrated to the US from Italy in around 1892, and he owned and operated a grocery store at this address from at least 1910 until his death in 1942, when one of his three sons, Albert, took over the business. Albert ran the store on SW 4th until about 1966, when the lot was cleared for traffic improvements along SW Barbur. Another son, Ernest M., was a prominent Portland attorney involved in various civic affairs from the 1930s until his death in the 1980s. (Sources: Oregonian, ancestry.com).

  5. Anybody know when the three day holiday switched from having Monday off to having Friday off? I can’t keep up.

  6. Correct about the gas storage tanks. In this era the gas came from Portland Ggas & Coke Company, before NW Natural. The old cement headquarters building still stands, in dis-repair, on Hwy. 30 under the St. Johns Bridge.

  7. Thanks to everyone who answered my question. And thanks Sam for that very interesting video. Pretty amazing what you can learn on this site.

  8. The tanks in the distance were used with the old low pressure manufactured gas system. Very low pressure. Now there is no need for that type of storage since the whole system is high pressure. The building on HWY 30 was just an Administration building for the plant never the HQ building for the whole company.

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