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  1. Just a stones throw from the floral markets. Two main businesses directly across from each other…the names escape me now…Greenfelds-one story…the other-two…maybe three stories? Oh well…great memories…thanks! πŸ™‚

  2. This goes back over 40 years ago, so I might be mistaken, but I think Columbia Woolen Mills was where we used to go to get our salt-and-pepper cords and navy blue sweaters for the catholic school uniform. Does anyone else have this recollection?

  3. Paul:
    Hmmm…you had to mention that, didn’t you! Yup…good ol’ salt & pepper cords…kinda made an “uff uff’ sound when they were new and stiff and you were walkin’ around in those awful things! There were times that we had to run down there because the Multnomah Men’s Shop would run out or their order hadn’t arrived yet. It was kinda interesting too…got to see what the other kids in the other parochial schools had to wear…green sweaters vs. blue for the guys…various plaids of green and/or blue for the girls…yup…little soldiers, all marching in little rows! (So…did ya ever wonder where the nun’s shopped…or the priests? πŸ™‚ )

  4. Of course the headline on this entry should be SW, not SE.

    I think that is what bothers me most about the new admins is there is no feedback from them. I pointed out a recent tag that had a cafe name spelled wrong, but it never got fixed.

    And how about the Help Us Out just recently. There was no final determination if 20th and Belmont was correct or if the Kenilworth suggestion had any merit.

    I don’t know how the archive pictures are processed, scanned or whatever, but they have been skewing on the dark side. Easily ‘shopped, but I don’t know what the standards are for archivists to manipulate images.

  5. Ya know, Elliott…you’re right…SW and not SE…I read too fast and the area of SE Madison came to mind right away…that’s why I mentioned the floral markets…so…my mistake…however…

    …on my Vintage Portland page, the main headline reads:
    SE 2nd Avenue, 1964…
    …then, just underneath that, it reads:
    “The corner of SW 2nd Avenue and SW Madison Street, 1964”.
    Even the caption under the photo reads the same.

    You state:
    “Of course the headline on this entry should read SW, not SE.”

    Fine…it’s a typing error…okay…”spell-check” doesn’t correct things like that…there’s no “internal” dictionary to correct anything like that…Que Sera, Sera!

    I’ve noticed many, many misspelled words and phrases all over the internet…on professional signs and advertisements, websites…you name it…but, while quietly giggling to myself, I try not to get too bent outta shape about it, whether it’s simply a typing error or a spelling error, and spelling and the correct usage of the English language isn’t really taught in our schools anymore, as one can plainly see, reading many of the comments on various websites and responses to news stories and such…especially from those who are referred to as “trolls”, but if you wanna spend your time doing nothing else but “looking” for all these mistakes, then go ahead and do so…but why not simply do what I do…”try not to get too bent outta shape about it”…it’s not worth it…it really isn’t!

    As far as the “Help Us Out” mention…maybe nobody wants to…or no one knows an answer!
    (Sorry…just a joke!)

    I understand your frustration…at times I feel the same way, but there are also times when it’s best to just let it go…

    …have a good weekend…seriously…just go out and enjoy!

  6. Jim Kahn, I appreciate your live and let live attitude, but identifying places, people and events in historic photographs, and indeed, striving to be historically accurate is an exact science.

    People have been using PARC and this site to document familial and municipal histories. Getting an address wrong by an order of one river and several blocks because a heading specified SE rather than SW leads to something along the lines of the still ongoing historical confusing of Front Street and Morrison in Joseph Gaston’s 1910 Portland history with the seedy North End intersection of Third and Ankeny.

    That said, Mr. Kahn, I always enjoy your input, but in this case…we might want to err on the side of consistancy and historical accuracy. πŸ™‚

    Hint: The picture is of third and Ankeny contrary to the caption in the history.

  7. This was kitty-corner from the Main Street Garage where you could buy your NEHI soda and across the street from the Swiss Cleaner that is still in business. Yeah for old memories!

  8. SW 2nd and Madison is correct. The Lenox hotel in the background faces on 3rd and Main. In addition, the street sign definitely says SW 2nd. The other sign is too blurry at magnification to read, however, it must be Madison given the position of the hotel.

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