7 thoughts on “St. Johns, circa 1910

  1. Hey, anyone know anything about Pacific Stove & Range, who operated in St. John’s starting around 1909? I acquired one of their stoves (from about 1913, as near as I can tell) a few years back, but there’s almost no information out there about the company. Here’s everything I’ve found, but I’d love to add some local knowledge (i.e. where exactly the stoveworks was, any pictures of the works, etc): http://jontabor.tk/pacificstove/

  2. This was posted in 2011: https://vintageportland.wordpress.com/2011/11/29/w-burlington-st-st-johns-c1910/

    I know, I know… the site is great regardless, but there’s something to say for the human touch Dan gave it. Often times, his comments were almost as interesting as the photos and you could tell he put a lot of heart into… it was a passion of his. Now, it feels like some City worker just clocks in, picks whatever happens to be laying around and just writes whatever caption is on the photo.

    Oh well… beggars can’t be choosers, eh? Haha. 🙂

  3. When this photo was taken St Johns was incorporated city separate from Portland . From the Wikipedia article on St Johns:

    “St. Johns was officially recognized as a municipality by the Oregon State Legislature on January 5, 1902. …On March 18, 1903 the town held its first elections. The town’s population at the time of its incorporation was roughly 250 to 600 people. In two years the population swelled to 2,000. …Citizens petitioned the St. Johns City Council in 1904 to regulate the roaming of cattle within the town’s limits in order to protect small gardens from being destroyed. …In 1915, voters in St Johns decided to give up their charter and merge with the City of Portland, its neighbor since the 1891 annexation of Albina.”


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