W Burnside Street, 1967

W Burnside Street looking east from NW 23rd Avenue and SW Vista Avenue, April 6, 1967.


Looking east from W Burnside towards SW Vista Avenue, April 6, 1967: A2001-007.666

Looking east on W Burnside St.  from NW 23rd Ave. and SW Vista Ave., April 6, 1967: A2001-007.666

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20 thoughts on “W Burnside Street, 1967

  1. Note the cement pillars in front of the old Murlark Building( on the left – N.E. corner ); to keep run-away cars from crashing through the retail stores . Murlark Building had quite a history as an early dance studio and artists ateliers . Among the famous or ” notorious ” artists was Isadora Duncan’s brother and John Reed’s future wife , Louise Bryant of ” Reds ” fame !!

  2. Glad the service stations are gone, but there was definitely more character on that street back in 1967.

  3. The building where Coldwell Banker is today was a Denny’s restaurant in the late 1960’s and early 1970”s.

  4. The American Savings Bank later became the now “long gone” Benjamin Franklin Savings and Loan…….

  5. I spent my first night in Portland back in 1964 at the old Campbell Hill Hotel at 22nd and Burnside, right across from the Chevron.

  6. @ Randy: Wasn’t the restaurant a Sambo’s? I seem to remember it when I lived in the NW in the early 70s.

  7. That restaurant was indeed a Sambos. I have a picture I took myself of that intersection in the 70’s in the snow.

  8. Frequent poster, chuck has previously mentioned the Stelwyn Apartments. I believe it’s the five story structure on the left side of the photo across the street from the Chevron. It was severely damaged by fire in 1972. Governor Tom McCall’s mother lived there at the time.

  9. I love the Ford vans with the headlights that make it look like an owl. I used to have one of those. The engine sat between the front seats.

  10. Dave Johnson, could you email the 70s picture you have to my web-site, timechanges.net? I would like to take the “now” picture of the same spot with you being credited for the pictures if you take it. It might be different from this one.

  11. To Elliott and Dave Johnson…

    Thanks for the “Sambo’s” confirmation…I also immediately thought the same…red and white corner awning…and a local hangout, after the bars closed at night…right?

  12. Jim Kahn and Scott,
    Speaking of post-closing hangouts and pies, remember Frye’s Quality Pies up on 23rd and Marshall?
    Now THAT was ambiance. I have some great memories and the people watching was unrivaled.

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