11 thoughts on “NW Broadway, 1948

  1. Wow…within five minutes, a little help from photo-shop and a touch of sepia, one could make 67 years could vanish from today’s photo! Thank you, Brian…perfect viewpoint! 🙂

  2. Somewhat difficult to get a picture in Portland streets from google without at least one bike rider in it!

  3. Several young Servicemen in that photo. Can’t help but think about WWII and what their generation gave to all of us. Sad to think that on top of all of that they were displaced by the flood.
    To them I offer my “virtual salute” and thank you for their sacrifice.

  4. I agree Brian. Most of those servicepeople (including civilian supporters) are into their 90’s now, and I can’t help but think what an awesome generation they were, and even for the average foot soldier on both sides, most of them were just kids like these.

  5. Young mom with two children in tow, caped and draped lady with thermos, suitcase sitter managed to save her fur coat! Classic photo. Great image. Yes, jonxwood…I noticed that there weren’t any people of color in the picture. Hmmm…I wonder why. Agree Brian R…a salute to our servicemen and women.

  6. Does not look like these are Vanport Flood victims. Too many service people and too many of them are well dressed.

  7. I’m not sure if this is so much refugees from Vanport as it is travelers ousted from a flooded Union Station.

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