13 thoughts on “SE Division Street, circa 1930

  1. Might be pretty hard to find the exact lot where this was taken.
    However, I’d take a guess that it is facing west /northwest based on this Google street view and the hills in the background.
    There is still a supermarket on the SE corner of the intersection. Maybe this was in the same location.
    This is about as close as I can come to finding this viewpoint.

  2. I would guess the SW Corner of 82nd and Division, you can see what appears to be Mt Tabor in the background. The former Banner Furniture store was built in 1960 according to Portland Maps.

  3. I found a pair of knickers at a second hand store in c.1969. I liked them & used to wear them with argyle sox until they became too worn to wear anymore.

  4. Yes, I too love the outfit on the dapper young gentleman. When his shift is over, he’ll jump in the ole’ jalopy, pick up girlfriend, Suzy, and then it’s twenty-three skiddoo.

  5. Don’t forget that half cent on the gas price — 15-1/2 cents.
    Also appears like a pretty large restaurant next door. Looks like they have ‘cue and lunch.

  6. Plus-fours are trousers, pants or “breeches”, that extend 4 inches below the knee…that’s how they differ from regular knickerbockers…or “knickers”, and that’s how they got their nickname, but, in fashion lingo, they are still considered knickerbockers. It’s as simple as that…a nickname for knickers…or should that be “knickname”? Love ’em…it’s time for their return to society…and NOT just on the golf course! 🙂

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