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  1. Building on the right looks like the Kent, at 904 SE 20th (160 East 20th), looking north on 20th.

  2. I think oldoregon is right. The details of the apartment building match exactly (odd window pattern, roof line, brickwork).

    The two houses in the foreground also match very well, albeit with the addition of the front retail space on one (but the original house style matches). Otherwise the other (closer) house details are almost identical except that they have enclosed the southernmost half of the porch but the overall details of the porch have not been altered much and match very closely, as does the rest of the house.

    Even the fire hydrant on the corner of SE 20th and Yamhill is still there. So it looks like the kids are playing just about in the middle of that intersection — SE 20th and SE Yamhill.

  3. I agree. It’s SE 20th and Belmont. Morrison is at the top of that hill. The houses on the right are now Colonel Summers park. That apartment house has several distinctive features that convinced me.


  4. Excellent sleuthing! Someday if I find a chunk or curb and ask where it came from, I’llI bet this team can identify it in thirty minutes!

  5. Also, check out the apartment building’s side windows…they aren’t evenly lined up….just like the building is on SE 20th. Didn’t they rename and number the streets in the early 1900’s. Maybe that’s why they say that it is 28th Ave in 1922?

  6. So, what happened to the houses on the west side of the street? It is a park now.
    When did the park go in?

  7. NO. This is 28th, north of Rhone Street, up to Powell at the top of the far end of the picture. The 2nd house on the left still stands (as an duplexed, old, beater house). St. Vincent dePaul later occupied land both right and left of this section, including the old SVdP thrift store at the corner of 28th & Powell. I say NAY to anywhere northward of Powell. Even the group of roofs at the farthest right side look like the old apartment house and 2 houses right next to Powell.

    Therefore, E. 28th St. and Powell Valley Rd.

  8. Another piece of proof: Just back of Powell, you will see a long white house with a back awning on the left side of the street among the grouping of structures where I say Powell is. This apartment building is still there, recently refurbished and painted a subdued yellow color. Go see for yourself. From 26th Ave., go to Francis St., go noth 1 block and this panorama starts just beyond Rhone(the next street up from Francis)

  9. Again, this is SE 28th & Rhone. The house to the left still stands. GO THERE AND LOOK at the contours and the rise of the road at the intersection at Powell Valley Road. This is not anywhere else from Crystal Springs all the way to Burnside.

    Also, what later became St. Vincent de Paul owned all that empty property on the medium left of the picture. The little apartment building and houses on the right are long gone.

    St. Vincent de Paul later owned and built on both sides of the street.

    There is NO other possibility than SE Rhone and 28th Ave, looking northward towards Powell. NOTHING from County Line to Burnside matches this street configuration.

    Maybe one of you map picture guys could get a modern shot of what I’m talking about??? Alas, the tree growth may inhibit a clear view, but the street should be visible, and this subject will be put to rest!!!

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