Vanport, 1948

Oregon is home to many archives, most rich with collections documenting Oregon’s history. In order to highlight some of these collections containing Portland-area images, Vintage Portland has invited photo submissions from other archives within the region. Today’s photo and text is provided by the Multnomah County Archives.

Scenes from Vanport after the flood of 1948 from the records of the Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office.
Vaport, 1948
Vanport, 1948


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6 thoughts on “Vanport, 1948

  1. Lived about a mile from Vanport. My Dad lost about half of his business because of the flood.

  2. All I can remember, growing up in the 50’s, was the flatness…the lay of the land…the grayness…the empty streets…the foundations where houses once stood…it was almost like looking at the beginning of a project and not the end. Even to this day, as I drive North on the freeway, I still look to my right and remember…and the images comes back…

  3. As a ‘survivor’ of the Vanport Flood of 1948, I clearly remember the city from beginning to end, as we moved to Vanport in 1943 and flooded out in 1948. I make a class presentation to my grandson’s school each year about the flood and the children are very interested in this part of their history
    Thanks, Sharon Lovelace Cowley

  4. As a 5 year old I still remember the houses floating down the Columbia River and crashing into the bridge, as seen from our Apartment in University Homes. I also remember my Dad being part of the “Sand Bag Teams” after he go to home form work.

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