5 thoughts on “Mt. Tabor, 1934

  1. Jack
    You are correct. Caldera, throat of the volcano call it what you want, but Drainage construction. Give me a break.

  2. Don’t get me wrong, but this site was a little more interesting when the person posting the photo had more to say than just repeating the caption already given. I know it means a little more time and effort to elaborate, a luxury they may not have, but I learn a lot from their insight. Still, a great site thanks to input from other followers. Thanks!

  3. to be fair, it looks like they may be digging drainage trenches IN the caldera to prepare it for future use. i haven’t been up there in a while; what is that door-way looking part across the floor, and is it still there? hard to tell on the street view…

  4. I too am disappointed in the quality of this website and the information given. I sure liked the old site better! However, I still tune in everyday in the hopes of seeing something besides old Portland Public Works projects from the depression. It seems to me that the old site was more personal and entertaining (just my opinion).

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