13 thoughts on “Westmoreland Park, 1939

  1. Oregon Cement…Portland Cement!
    I always thought it was funny when I was a little kid…I didn’t learn until I got a little older that Portland Cement was NOT invented in Portland…
    …but I still laugh when I see or hear the name!
    (The Oregon Portland Cement Building is located at 111 SE Madison St.)
    🙂 🙂 🙂

  2. Love the guy in the hole looking up! This is just down the street from our house. I wonder if it’s for the casting pond?

  3. Might this be the answer to some unsolved 1939 mobster funeral? Sorry, I couldn’t pass that one up.

  4. There has occurred a very significant modernization since we last saw this mixer in operation. Now, in 1939, cement is shipped in water resistant paper bags instead of burlap. Still is. Paper does not wick as does burlap and there is no return deposit on paper. Big improvement in shipping loss. Land fills, not so much.
    Cement mixer, putty putty

  5. West Moreland Park was cow pasture when the highway opened in 1937, the trees along the road had just been planted but have grown slightly.

  6. Fantastic video Brian R. I’m saving this one. To really enjoy this is to go to fullscreen and standby with the pause button. And special Thanks to those who created it.

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