NE 39th Avenue, circa 1939

NE 39th Avenue and NE Sandy Boulevard, looking northeast towards the Hollywood Theater, circa 1939.


NE 39th Avenue and NE Sandy Boulevard, circa 1939: A2009-009.13

NE 39th Avenue and NE Sandy Boulevard, circa 1939: A2009-009.13


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11 thoughts on “NE 39th Avenue, circa 1939

  1. Broadway looking slightly N of E. Most of the buildings remain, the Safeway at the right was a lighting fixture business the last time I was in the area..

  2. Update. The Oregonian listed the Hollywood as a suburban theater. Both films were showed August 11th through August 15th, 1939. Looks like the picture date is verified.

  3. Having grown up in and around the Hollywood district (we called it simply “The District” for short) in the 1950s, many of these businesses shown in this great photo from 1939 were still very familiar. It is interesting how localized the migration of these small and large businesses was during this period. For example, in 1939 Paul Schatz furniture and appliances moved from the Sandy Blvd. locale shown here one block north to NE 41st and Hancock (the art deco bldg. survives and now houses the Dania furniture outlet). In addition to easing traffic congestion on Sandy (a popular move with the local Hollywood Boosters club), the relocation also helped Schatz shift slightly further away from the competition of Powers furniture and appliances a few doors further west along Sandy. Some time in the early 1950s, the JC Penney store moved one block east on Sandy next to the 1st Ntl. Bank building. The JC Penney space is now a Dollar Store. In the late 1950’s the 1st Ntl. Bank branch moved across the street to NE 43d and Sandy in a newly constructed modernist bldg. which now houses Wells Fargo. A piano and organ vendor took over the old bank space (now a Tae Kwan Do school). The “Miller’s” men’s clothing store near the Hollywood Theater shifted at some point after 1939 to a newer storefront on nearby NE 42nd Ave. I cannot remember ever seeing the Kienow’s grocery store next to Miller’s on Sandy, although there were many other Kienows’s around NE Portland. The early incarnation of Fred Meyer’s open-front market is also barely visible across NE 41st from the Paul Schatz store. In any case, most of these businesses were familiar local landmarks to me back in the day.

    Meanwhile, the charming neo-Alhambra styled building next to the Hollywood in this photo (hosting Miller’s, the cafe, and Kienows) burned down at some time in the 1990s. The lot was vacant for several years but is now occupied by a new condo building with retail on the street level.

  4. The building on the right is still present as its easy to spot the awning. A hardware store. I took this for my website, but too many trees to put it on the site. Will redo when winter rolls around..

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