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  1. Great photo of the dedication ceremony. I’m glad PARC used the fountains original name in today’s post. In the background on the left, we can see the cupola of St. Mary’s Acadamy’s original building (now a parking lot). On the right, we can see the back side of the 1951 Fifth Avenue Building, which was originally the main Portland office for the State of Oregon.

    More information on Forecourt Fountain can be found here, and the Wikipedia article can be foundhere.

  2. It’s crazy to see those kids sitting atop the waterfalls; something like that would never be allowed today! Kids back then were of a tougher timber, indeed.

  3. Lawrence Halprin originally designed the Lovejoy Fountain in Portland Center. It was built in 1966. His original intention was to have folks feel drawn into the fountain. It is like a rocky stream in the mountains. My pals & I used to climb around in it. The then City of Portland officials didn’t like seeing people climbing around in it & attempted to prohibit it. When Halprin designed the Forecourt Fountain he made it clear that he wanted to see folks drawn into it & enjoying it. People have done so ever since it opened. I have a photo of our cross country team wading in the Lovejoy & will try to scan it & share on Vintage Portland. We were in our mid-teens then.

  4. I was one of those kids in the fountain, and there was an element of self policing that went on then; the deeper pools were left to the bigger kids. From experience, I had learned to respect the exciting allure of height, water, gravity…and concrete.

  5. I always wondered why they just didn’t “rename” it The Keller Forecourt Fountain…place a little marker explaining who Ira was and leave it at that…simple…easy…a no-brainer!
    So…no mention of how much “money” the fountain brings in each year…it would be a fun bit of trivia! It’s an old habit, but every time I walk by, I throw a coin in and make a wish… 🙂

  6. Elliot,
    Bud Clark’s Spatenhaus Tavern was indeed on this block. Here is a series of past VP posts that show the tavern and neighboring buildings.

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