9 thoughts on “SE Foster Road, 1932

  1. I see a poster in the window, stating that there is only one Sousa’s Band it looks like a concert poster complete with date of performance, but this photo is said to be taken in 1932 and Sousa only toured up until 1931 so this date may be wrong.

  2. I’m guessing that this photo is a few years before 1932. There are a lot of Model T’s in the picture and they quit making them in 1927 when they changed over to the Model A’s from 1928 through 1931. If this was taken in 1932 there would be a lot of Model A’s because they sold like crazy and almost every family had one. They were the new craze of the times!

  3. Quite the 1-stop medical center in one building. 2 doctors (including surgery), a dentist and drug store.

  4. Excellent info on Lents, Dennis, thanks. There is an annual celebration in the park where many pictures of Lents are displayed in albums, wish I knew the date this year.

  5. If this were taken in 1932 there would probably not be a lot of new Model A’s because it was the Great Depression and most people wouldn’t have been buying new cars. Almost every family had one? Ford produced 4,858,000 A’s over the four years of production. The population of the US in 1931 was 124 million. So even if the average “family” was four people, or 31 million families, that’s only one in six “families” that had one. I’d guess that the greater wealth back east meant the average was lower than that in Portland.

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