11 thoughts on “N Larrabee Avenue, 1957

  1. Yep. I was thinking Memorial Coliseum construction and surrounding area roads and landscaping.

  2. Using an old map and Google Earth I was able to line up the streets to find that the old intersection of Larrabee and Halsey would be right in the middle of what is now N. Drexler Drive right next to the Coliseum. Here’s a view of it today. The intersection would have been a little past the stairs, about where the car can be seen turning into the middle of the road.

  3. ProgressStopsForNoOne, that intersection you show on google maps is where the “subway” was. Stairs & a urine-laden tunnel under Broadway & Larrabee.

  4. DNF is right. It was the heart of the Black Neighborhood. And it was torn down to make way for the Coliseum construction. Also for the construction of the planned Thunderbird-Red Lion Motel. Later, after Paul Allen built the Rose Garden (moda Center) he purchased the lots of the (at that time) run down and washed up motel for desperately needed employee parking. Known today as the North, Center, & South Aegean Lots. As for a map to get the location of that corner and the neighborhood, Theres a an April 5th 2012 posting on this site. A Union Pacific valuation map 1927. Although its 30 years earlier, not much really changed. I would supply the link but dont know how.

  5. @MikeD: Halsey was (and is) south of Broadway. In the plat where the Coliseum now stands it was 3 blocks south — see the map posted by Rich Maxwell.

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