10 thoughts on “Pier Park, 1936

  1. The park takes its name from a person named Pier, not because it has a pier!
    The parcel of land on which this park was developed was part of the James Loomis donation land claim. The City of Portland passed an ordinance in 1921 naming the park for Sylvester Charles Pier…(1853-1935). Previously, a sales manager of Marshall Wells Hardware Company, Pier took office as City Commissioner in 1919, serving four years in charge of parks. His son, Stanhope S. Pier, succeeded him as City Commissioner and served two terms. Prior to the park, St. Johns Brick Company operated just a block away, until 1905, when the factory ran out of clay. The abandoned brickyard was used as a playground until about 1920 when the buildings were demolished. In development of the area, which was previously a wetland, more than 100 men were employed from the unemployment list. Wood from clearing the site was sent to local families in need of fuel.
    (Thank you, Wikipedia! Yeah…I confess…I cheated! JK) 🙂

  2. These men are well dressed for raking leaves, at least by today’s standards. The man on the left is wearing a hat that one might wear with a suit. He appears to be wearing a tie also.

  3. I remember there was a meat-packing plant near the park. I think it was Hormel. This was in the 60s.

  4. jonxwood:
    I noticed that too…the “clothing”…I kinda wondered if it might have been some kind of a “publicity” shot for the newspaper! At least that’s what came into my mind when I saw all those guys…and raking a little too close to each other…”Okay…now…on the count of three…everybody…look busy!” (Click) 🙂

  5. Well, it was the Depression and people dressed differently then. Maybe the guy with the nice hat used to have a good job, but had to do manual labor just to put food on the table. As someone else posted, they gave the removed trees to needy families for fuel.

  6. I noticed that all three men were raking, not just one with two watching! I had a 92 year old neighbor that wore his suit mowing his lawn!!!

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