4 thoughts on “NW Couch Street, 1976

  1. The all the surrounding buildings have survived. Their use has drastically changed. In 1976 directly across Couch was a second hand store and above it a flop house hotel with cribs from the 1900’s. It was used by drug addicts and prostitutes.Not long after this picture was taken the junk store moved and the Portland Police Museum set up temporary exhibits in the space. The hotel was gutted and Shelton House was remodeled for the Key Largo night club.

  2. Looks like an early version of a Chinatown lamp post. I’ve seen some with multiple globes and more iron. Are any like this one left?

  3. Funny where they decide to put those highway guidance signs. I’m sure they have some kind of rhyme or reason but it rarely makes sense to me.

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