9 thoughts on “SW Broadway, 1938

  1. This brings back some memories. I remember going downtown the day before parade day and getting myself that corner room at the Y. After settling in a bit, I put on my pongee shirt, went downstairs and got a haircut and a shoeshine. Afterwards, I hung around the lobby for a spell, watched a few ping-pong games until it was time for supper, so I went to the College Coffee Shop and had myself the special, which consisted of vienna sausage with tomato sauce. After supper, I stayed right there at the Y and had a hard time deciding on a show, a movie, or hearing a lecture on sportsmanship and cleanliness…I chose the lecture. When it was over, I had a tapioca and hot chocolate and then it was time for bed. Up bright and early the next morning to get myself a good spot on which to view the parade. Boy howdy, it was one wingding of a time.

  2. It would be fun to know what the various routes were throughout the years…I seem to remember the parade going UP 3rd, DOWN 5th and UP Broadway…then DOWN 10th to Burnside to start their move to the East Side…We never bothered with the “side” streets…no cameras, no radio broadcasters, so the bands very rarely played…it was only on 3rd, 5th, Broadway and 10th that the “real” action happened…I’m not familiar with where the East Side’s “spots” were…we always seemed to watch it from downtown…even when I lived on the East Side…downtown had a much more “Portland” feel to it…but that’s neither here nor there…everyone had “their special spot”, and the earlier you got there, the better!

  3. My family always went downtown to watch the parade. I remember being near the “women’s park” so we must’ve watched it on 3rd. One year we watched it from the Pioneer Post Office. I remember Timmy from Lassie being grand marshall one year. Colonel Klink (Werner Klemperer) from “Hogan’s Heroes” was going to be grand marshall one year but so many people complained about a guy playing a Nazi as grand marshall that they got someone else.

  4. Chuck: The irony is neither Klink nor Schultz were Nazis. Klink was a former bomber pilot (who crashed on a non-combat mission and was afraid to fly) and Schultz was the president of a toy making company who voted against the Nazi party and had his factories converted to military use, against his will.

  5. The top left hand corner shows a movie theater marquee. Unless that’s the Broadway marquee…it seems the parade is moving “against the grain” of traffic flow heading south. This looks it may have been the marquee for the Liberty theater. Or is this a burlesque theater that had disappeared by the 1950s?

  6. Jon Provost or Timmy of the Lassie show was grand marshal of the junior rose parade in 1961.

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