Grant Park, circa 1955

Women bicycling through Grant Park, circa 1955. Text on the back of the image states, “Bicycles may be counted in almost unbelievable numbers at every park and playground in the city. They get one to the fun so fast! These two teen-age girls are Lila Andrews (brunette) and Shirley Floyd (blonde) who were headed for the Grant Park swimming pool.” For more information on Grant Park, please click here.


Bicycling through Grant Park, circa 1955: A2001-045.676

Bicycling through Grant Park, circa 1955: A2001-045.676


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9 thoughts on “Grant Park, circa 1955

  1. I grew up swimming at Grant in the summertime. Is the pool no longer there? It was near the tennis courts.

  2. I graduated from Grant Hi in 1955. I hate to say this, but I don’t think these girls went to Grant because at that time, no Grant girl would have been seen with either brown shoes or saddle shoes. We HAD to have white bucks from Bergs. What snobs we were!

    Saddle shoes were popular more in the 40’s. Maybe this photo is older than first thought.

  3. Chuck:

    The Grant Park pool is exactly where it has always been since it opened in 1926. The supporting infrastructure (heater, pumps, masonry, etc.) has been updated over the years of course. It is still well-used in summer.

  4. Thanks, Richard. I always seem to be passing through Portland & don’t get the chance to check out old haunts. I’d love to see our old neighborhood in Irvington.
    Bonnie, saddle shoes made a comeback in the mid-60s. I had a pair.

  5. Bonnie:
    I think the shoe issue could also have something to do with what neighborhood you lived in…or grew up in. I do remember those white bucks though…for girls AND guys…and that damn little “powder bag” that came with ’em. And then, there were those obnoxious brogues…heavy, and as uncomfortable as could be. In our parochial school, they were the “required” footwear…and NO cleats! Only ruffians and hooligans wore cleats…guys who lied, who swore and who stole things! You remember…kyped things?
    To this day…sixty some-odd-years later, I still love saddle shoes…penny loafers…and the sound of cleats too! 🙂

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