23 thoughts on “SW Barbur Boulevard, circa 1948

  1. And the two people on the left, standing on the dirt sidewalk, next to the Signal Credit Card sign are, no doubt, waiting for Rosie…right? “Yes mom…I have my token…it’s right here…see?”

  2. Grew up in the area just below by John’s Landing. Made that turn hundreds of times in 50s and 60s. Moved away in 70s. Singers was where Swans Grocery is now.

  3. I’m interested in drawing and painting from these vintage photos of Portland. Are they public domain and free to use without copyright problems?

    Don W.


  4. That would be Harry’s more south on Corbett. As it turns at Corbett hills there was Porcelli’s, but that was the arterial not actually Corbett. They where the only grocery stores in Carp Valley.

  5. Don, Singers was on the top of the hill, where the over pass is now. There was another grocery store next to Terwilliger, and one on Macadam just south of the old Home tavern, it was called Schlows, not sure of the spelling, it was also adjacent to Junke’s drug store.

  6. Don, Singers was on the top of the hill, where the over pass is now. There was another grocery store next to Terwilliger, and one on Macadam just south of the old Home tavern, it was called Schlows, not sure of the spelling, it was also adjacent to Junke’s drug store. Also, Porcelli’s was on Virginia, not Corbett.

  7. Singer’s was the Swan Mart/Swift Mart on Hamilton & Barbur almost visible in this photo. My good friend Chris Singer’s grandfather owned the store. We were just talking about it not long ago. Porcelli’s building is still there, now a great little restaurant.

  8. Thanks, I went there to get milk, beer and cigarettes for my mom in the 50s, 60s with my sibs. I think mainly to get us out of the house. We lived down the other side of the freeway overpass off of Corbett on Viewpoint Terrace. We were less then 10 blocks away. It was either there or to Harry’s further south on Corbett (now a fish house) When did it change to Swift Mart? Must have been mid 1970s? My brother Earl stayed in the community all these years and lives across the street from the Porcelli’s. I tried to find a photo of the store online but there isn’t any to be found.

  9. Singers Grocery was In deed at the intersection of Hamilton and Barber Blvd. I too grew up in the same neighborhood as Mr. Walls. I went there many times as a child. In fact I think I knew the Walls Family. I lived on the corner of Boundary St. And View Point Terrace.

  10. Hey Jeff, yes I remember you. Your sister Gail was in my class at Terwilliger. She was the prettiest girl in the class!

  11. Hi Don, Do you still see the Milestones? My wife and I live in the Manzanita area. We have been here for the past 39 years. Gail lives in the old house on Boundary st. . Unfortunately her husband who is younger than me has been diagnosed with a terminal illness. Is your sister Vicky still living? Also, if you are interested, there is a neighborhood reunion at the Buffalo Gap tavern on the 20th of this month. Also,
    I thought that your brother married Carol Dillman. Is that correct? The subject came up
    A while back when I was speaking with my neighbor who is a retired Portland police officer. All for now. If it is easier my email address is schlilp76@nehalemtel.net.

    Take care!

  12. (Is your sister Vicky still living?) Vicki and brother Joe passed away a few years ago. Ed & Jarie Walls as well.
    (I thought that your brother married Carol Dillman.) Yes, Earl and Carol live across from the old Porcellis Store or next to the Presbyterian Church.
    I left Portland in 1971 joining the Air Force to avoid my draft notice. I stationed in Spokane at Fairchild AFB and just stayed. No marriages, not my orientation.
    Oh, I did not keep in touch with the Milestones. But, I do have Marilyn and Mary friended on Facebook. Along with some of the Dillmans.
    Remember the hide n seek, baseball games on the corner, fly ball and endless games of war?

    Your email address wouldn’t go through

  13. Don, I do remember the games we played. It was a great time and place to grow up. I saw Mary Milestone and her daughter Marilyn at my uncle’s memorial service a few years ago. I have seen Kenny Milestone a few times through the years. My wife and I were actually married at the Presbyterian church by Porcellis in 1976. Nice to hear from you. I think I mentioned earlier that a neighborhood reunion was being held at the Buffalo Gap tavern this Saturday. It is actually at Williamette Park AKA The Flats. Starting at 1:00 pm. That is a long way from Spokane. Take care. Jeff Schlip

  14. I too grew up on Corbett St.I lived in the Defense Housing across the street from BP.Johns.Singers was on Barber Blvd. And there was a small market and grocer at the overpass named Michaels Market. You could get a hand scooped icecream cone for a nickle. Rasmussen Village was up on Barber aand bothe Rassmussen boys went to Terwilliger. I played a lot of Little League ball at the Flats and was Ron Spagles catcher for several years. He pitched a good game and we had several good teams.Lots of good times as a South Portland River Rat.I still visit the city at times and visit the old hood. I now live in Massachusetts.

  15. Ray, you were a tough catcher, tried to run over you once, you knocked me down; your dad laughed his ass off. Staley was a good catcher, all he did was come out to the mound laughing,, remember the “old prunes” play.. Those were sure some fun times.. let me know when you get to Portland again.

  16. Sorry but I draw a blank on your brothers. Iwas born in 42 and graduated from LHS in 60. So that would be my time frame.Went to both Terwilliger and Failing.

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