11 thoughts on “Help Us Out!

  1. Reminds me of the houses in the Corbett neighborhood that I used to pass along my way home on SW Whitaker. But it could be in a number of Portland neighborhoods. I hope someone knows,

  2. The filename of the photo says that the house is in Albina. That seems like an important piece of information to not include. Are we to not trust that?

  3. I’m near positive this is 2223 NE Rodney. All the windows and chimneys match. The elevation is the same, though there is now a retaining wall and wood fence. If it’s not the house, its the same floor plan.

  4. which is probably why it was photographed; the archives seem to have a lot of pictures of things changing or going away. i assume the photos are less about posterity and more about process and
    legal reasons like compensation for a taking.

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