Cheerful Tortoise at 1939 SW 6th Ave, February 1964

Oregon is home to many archives, most rich with collections documenting Oregon’s history. In order to highlight some of these collections containing Portland-area images, Vintage Portland has invited photo submissions from other archives within the region. Today’s photo and text is provided by the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction Archives, Portland State University.

A snapshot of the Cheerful Tortoise, a long-time watering hole at PSU looking far older in 1964 than it does now. Any information on when the north addition to the building took place would be appreciated. This and some 300 other images comprising a block-by-block photographic documentary of the Portland State College district between 1962-1966 can now be found in PSU’s Digital Gallery.

7 thoughts on “Cheerful Tortoise at 1939 SW 6th Ave, February 1964

  1. In the late 1950’s , when P.S.C. was ” new “, this place was called ” Sugie’s ” and was a neighborhood tavern. Then Dick Hall bought it & changed decor, name & clientele; becoming ” The Tortoise ” . And for old-timer’s who can ever forget Portland’s own Jamie ” The Beachcomber ” tending bar ( a notorious early gate-crasher of major sporting events ). Always a great part of old P.S.C. days … and nights !!

  2. I was a student at what was then Portland State College and living at the Viking Hall Private Dorm that opened in 1966 (my freshman year) until Spring of 1970 and a CT customer. The building to the North was built following the demolition of the house shown in the picture and was originally an open air beer garden in about 1969 or 70. It was later fully enclosed.

  3. My sister, just last year, would spend time here to watch her Longhorns play. My wife and I stop by and enjoyed the uniqueness of it. It is a cozy little spot on a wet, cold November.

  4. Dick hall went on vacation and left “Jungle Jamie” the worlds greatest gate rather to run the show; he’d take the money and throw it behind the bar and throw steaks out for the dogs…. And who can forget Dianna, the waitress!!!!!

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