9 thoughts on “Vanport Company No. 3, circa 1944

  1. Does anyone have anymore pictures of the Fred Meyer store that used to bee downtown on 5th?


  2. You wonder what kind of job these guys had to do six years after this beautiful afternoon when that dike broke.

  3. The railroad berm was not built as or ever intended to be a dike. It was built as a elevated causeway or trestle on wooden pilings and was filled in over the years with whatever fill material was available, a common railroad practice in the day. The Great Salt Lake Causeway was constructed in essentially the same manner. Ironically it was not the place the authorities were worried about.

  4. West., I can remember in the 60’s driving on the streets that were still there. Looked like a laid out housing development waiting for the houses to be built.

  5. Many of these single family homes from east VP were purchased esp. around the ST. Johns area. Parkside homes were some.

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