16 thoughts on “NE Sandy Boulevard, 1932

  1. It was a much more interesting street back then. More shops that you might patronize if you lived in the neighborhood.

  2. Brian R:
    Here’s an interesting thought to ponder regarding your “google” photo:
    Given the approximate time frame…1932 vs. 2015…that’s 83 years…so, in 2098, there will be people who will be looking back at THIS “old” photo and reminiscing about how quaint and charming they thought IT was!

  3. With regard to Mike D.’s awesome 1939 film clip, I watched it cringing at the antics in the flashing yellow intersection. How did anyone survive 33rd and Sandy? By these driving habits, today looks mellow. Did they use flashing yellows during the day, and red lights at rush hour? Oh was this a power outage? Wouldn’t want to have to walk through that mess!

  4. Mike G, I believe the angle of the camera and the placement, makes it look a lot worse than it was.

  5. I was amazed at the width of the sidewalk along Sandy at that point. Was all that extra width eaten up by the renovation of the storefronts?

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