Municipal Auditorium , 1966

City officials at the Municipal Auditorium marking the beginning of the renovation of what would become the Civic Auditorium [Keller Auditorium], July 14, 1966. The officials include Frank Ivancie, Ormond R Bean, and Mark A. Grayson.


City Council at the Auditorium, July 14, 1966: A2012-005

City Council at the Auditorium, July 14, 1966: A2012-005


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4 thoughts on “Municipal Auditorium , 1966

  1. You left out Ned Look (hardhat)….
    “Look began making his mark on Portland public life soon after his arrival in the 1950s, chairing the Portland Civic Auditorium renovation committee. Shortly thereafter, he served on the boards of the Portland Development Commission, Portland City Club, University of Oregon Foundation and Oregon Symphony.

    He reportedly considered the development of the Oregon Community Foundation his greatest achievement.

    Look, a banker at First Interstate Bank at the time, was asked to form the foundation with David Abram of U.S. National Bank of Oregon.

    He became its executive director in 1977 and increased the foundation’s assets from $60,000 at its inception to more than $38 million when he retired in 1987.

    The foundation is now the nation’s ninth-largest community foundation and Oregon’s largest charitable organization.

    “Ned was deeply involved in all the early good government work in Oregon,” said U.S. Rep. Earl Blumenauer, a Portland Democrat. “He was a leader of reform and innovation.” “

  2. I assume they’re celebrating the removal of that old-fashioned marble and covering up the bricks.

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