9 thoughts on “Lincoln Street Reservoir, circa 1929.

  1. View today. You can still see the buildings in the background, but it would appear that 405 now runs through this area.

  2. WOW!

    Something totally new and amazing! I’m only in my mid-60’s, so some may think I’m still a “kid”, but in all my years, this is one item that has slipped thru the cracks. Looks like I’ll be spending the day typin’ up Lincoln Street Reservoir, PDX, OR into my computer for more information. At least I can use “copy ‘n’ paste” to save my fingers from wearin’ out! Ha! Now all I need is a stash of cookies and a bottle of pop and I’m good to go!

    Brian…Thank you for the link…

    I recognized the Marianna Apartments…I immediately knew the location…(I used to work around 4th & Lincoln way back when)…I just didn’t know there was a reservoir ever located up there…you know…the location being so far out of town! That’s probably why I’ve never seen a lot of pictures…oh well…here I go:

    Lincoln Street Reservoir, PDX, OR…click!

  3. A valve house for this reservoir is still visible on SW 10th, below SW Cardinell. And what i believe is a small portion of a dam is extant on SW Cardinell where it doglegs; the creek drops into a stone and iron inlet there. I have been told this area was a reservoir as well, but can’t confirm. I also have not found out if the water went from the dam through the valve house to the reservoir, or from the reservoir through the valve house and on up to Portland Heights and a storage tank. We have had photos on here showing the brick valve house, and I believe they were taken from the Cardinell reservoir location.

  4. The valve house you mention is really interesting to me. I like to hike into Portland Heights on lunch hours and it’s along one of my routes. As you say, it’s on SW 10th immediately south of SW Clifton, across the I-405 from the south end of the PSU campus. I think it may have been associated with an old city reservoir that apparently used to be just above it to the southeast, where there are now some homes in a gated community. This reservoir shows up in a real estate ad published in The Oregonian on March 10, 1907, a copy of which is on “Vintage Portland.” Click on the URL below and then blow up the add and look for the words “Old City Reservoir” vaguely written at left center. https://vintageportland.files.wordpress.com/2013/07/de-keasey-real-estate-1907.jpg

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