7 thoughts on “Civic Auditorium, 1967

  1. Portland Center Towers…the new word in town was “condominium”. Places like Vista St. Clair and Portland Towers and even The Park Plaza Apartments were about to experience a little cage rattling and turf wars. Funny…it seems like just yesterday…and some people were even criticizing Don for deserting the MAC Club neighborhood!

  2. Nice view of Harbor Drive and I believe a brand new I-5 bridge in the back. Front Ave was not really much compared to Harbor Drive.

  3. Why are so many of these photos so dark? Can this be adjusted? I do not remember this on the old site.

    Perhaps since the preference on this new site is for more modern pictures (from the 1960s on), the quality is that much worse than the 1910-1930s pictures. Certainly the post-war indoor flash pictures are pretty bad, primarily from being flash photos.

  4. Doug.
    Photoshopped this on my own. Took about 2 minutes to adjust the levels and up the brightness.

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