Lone Fir Cemetery, 1948

Streetcar 804 at Lone Fir Cemetery, 1948. A few weeks ago we posted a photograph of a streetcar going through the cemetery from a different angle.


View of Car 804 at Lone Fir Cemetery, 1948: A2011-007.97

View of Car 804 at Lone Fir Cemetery, 1948: A2011-007.97


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14 thoughts on “Lone Fir Cemetery, 1948

  1. I was just there last week, the “Lone Fir” certainly does still stand! Amazing place. Tress don’t talk, but that one has a lot to say!

  2. The original Lone Fir is not gone. It is across from the Corbett family plot. The same marker is one it. That is one of many it is National Register of Historic Places

  3. The street car, a Brill Master Unit featured here was one of the last new order purchased for the Portland City lines. They arrived in Portland by ship from Philadelphia. Once here they were referred to as “Broadway Cars” as that line was their usual habitat. I rode this line as a kid many many times as both my grandmother and my great grand mother both owned large boarding houses in this neighborhood just to the east of here and do not ever recall seeing any but the classic wooden MT, Mount Tabor cars on this line.There is a excellent photo of these cars arriving in Portland Harbor in 1932 aboard the steamer San Clemente in John Labbe’s book, Fares Please, Those Portland Trolly Years. Because that photo is uncredited it may be the original is in the Portland archive.
    The advert for Billy Rose of Aquacade fame is a reminder of those golden years before TV.

  4. @Greg, thanks for the picture, but it makes me sad and mad. What the hell is wrong with society that we have to have barb wire fences around cemeteries? If I remember correctly, when I lived in that area over 30 years ago the barb wire fences where there, so this is not new, but I guess your picture just struck a raw nerve.

  5. I believe the reason for the fencing and barbed wire, was the string of vandalism that this cemetery experienced in some recent years. If you walk through you can see many broken headstones propped up with rebar and such. It is unfortunate.

  6. I drive by the cemetery everyday and the tracks are still there on Morrison and end in the front yard of a new condo.

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