9 thoughts on “Lower Albina, 1894

  1. Mike D…..

    Rapidly, looking back and forth, from the 1894 photo to the Google map “photo”, the contour of the West hills and skyline are almost identical! I’d say your viewpoint was close enough! Thanks!

  2. @Randy. There is a 4 “hole” privy at the very bottom of the photo beneath the middle dwelling.
    Pity the poor railroad employees who occupied these railroad owned dwellings. And beyond that we can consider the subsequent flood control and zoning measures that helped to finally alleviate the ravages of the spring floods on our river systems. Still the time may come when we look back upon these water soaked vistas with nostalgia. Sooner than we think perhaps.
    A conundrum, hmmm.

  3. Back in the 1890’s, did Albina neighborhood designation go all the way to the Columbia River? I’m use to it being confined roughly to Ainsworth & Lombard [north/south] and 15th to Greeley [east/west]

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