7 thoughts on “Lovejoy Fountain, 1967

  1. Time has aged this fountain very well.
    However, the thought of it being 50 years old next year is another matter all together!


  2. I work in the 1900 Building, just west of the park. I did not know this park has been here for so long. Many changes around the park, but the park, itself, looks just the same.

  3. Wow. This brings back so many memories including, as a child/young teen, playing tag with my brothers and sisters around the fountain. Was it really 50 years ago? In my mind it seems like only yesterday.

  4. Beautiful photo of a beautiful fountain. This and the Forecourt were the predecessors to Portland’s fountain explosion. A wonderful use of taxpayers money.

  5. “The fountain wonderfully captures the spirit of Oregon’s streams. Pouring in a sheet over the lip of the upper pool, the water is whipped into a foaming cascade as it splashes down over an irregular series of stairsteps and then out again into a placid lower basin.” (The Oregonian, 7/28/66)

  6. This must have been soon after opening when it was a novelty. I have never seen more than a handful of people the times I have been there

  7. I grew up on SW Corbett and SW Curry in the 1970 when it was a down-scale hippy neighborhood. Played at this fountain often.

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