SW 5th Avenue, 1962

The Cinnamon Bear outside of Lipman, Wolfe & Co., November 23, 1962. Looking northeast from the corner of SW 5th Avenue and Washington Street.


Cinnamon Bear on a ladder outside of Lipman Wolfe and Company, : A2004-002.6705

Cinnamon Bear on a ladder outside of Lipman, Wolfe and Company, 1962 : A2004-002.6705


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12 thoughts on “SW 5th Avenue, 1962

  1. Wouldn’t this pic have to be taken (with a zoom lens) from the corner of 5th and Alder? Looking at the corner of 5th and Washington, in the background.

  2. Remember Cinammon bear well. My boys (at a young age) had their picture taken with the bear and it appeared on the cover of the weekly paper that was put out downtown. This was when they were 5 and 7

  3. Dan S:

    Yes…indeed…it should have said:
    “Looking Northeast from the corner of SW 5th Avenue and Alder Street!”

    If the photo had been taken from the corner of SW 5th Avenue and Washington, we would have been looking at JC Penney’s…and possibly James Cash Penney standing on some rickety old wooden ladder in a Santa suit!

    Another note: It should have simply said “Looking North.” That may have added a bit to some of the confusion!

  4. Talk about being afraid of Santa! A giant animated cookie coming your way! No Thanks. Interesting view though.

  5. Sharon…

    Perhaps it’s really The Cookie Monster!

    (Of course, The Cookie Monster didn’t appear until 1966. Who knows…maybe Jim Henson got the idea from visiting Portland during a Christmas trip in the early 60’s!)

    “Me Want Cookie!”

    “Om nom nom nom!”


  6. Elliott…

    I suppose if you were able to poll all the black people you see in this photo, you might get that reaction!

  7. Totally have a “burn in your brain” memory about the Cinnamon Bear…I was no older than six when my mother and grandmother took me and my brother to see the Cinnamon Bear and then supposedly Santa (across the street). I was sitting on Cinnamon Bear’s lap and scootched up to look eyeball to eyeball with “him”. Without hesitation, I yelled out “Momma, there’s a man in there!” I completely, like a video, to this day can see the man inside laughing nearly uncontrollably….. until I heard the line of kids behind me break out crying. Mom and grandma were so humiliated, that I can’t be sure that we even saw Santa that day. It was the Last time I saw the Cinnamon Bear. In the future, we spent time with Santa…I hadn’t ruined him!

  8. I attended MLC in Northwest Portland and walked home to SW Portland, stopping almost every day at Lipman’s to play in the toy department and spend my bus fare in the candy department on the mezzanine…

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