St. Vincent Hospital, circa 1911

Several years ago, a side view of the hospital was posted. Today we bring you the front view of St. Vincent Hospital, located at NW Westover Road between Glisan and Irving Streets, circa 1911.


View of St. Vincent s Hospital, circa 1911: A2004-002.7793

View of St. Vincent s Hospital, circa 1911: A2004-002.7793


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7 thoughts on “St. Vincent Hospital, circa 1911

  1. A quick check of google maps shows that it’s now “The Westover” condominiums, which I remember going up. Portland Maps has the Year Built field left open, but they were there as far back as the aerials they have. Based on remembering them being built and moving here in 1996, they must have gone up around 1999 or 2000. I believe that the land was vacant between the time the hospital was demolished and the time these were built.

    At one time, NW Westover was NW Cornell Road. I was working on an environmental site assessment of a property near NW Everett and Westover and was reviewing the Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps of the area and it had Westover identified as Cornell, which went all the way into the intersection of West Burnside and NW 23rd at that time (1909).

    I did not research it further (there is a gap in the Sanborns that runs from somewhere around 1909 to 1923), but I am assuming that Cornell originally followed what is now the Westover right of way (with portions removed or redirected at each end of the portions changed to Westover) because it originally sent the traffic flow to W. Burnside Street and thence to the original 1894 Burnside Bridge. I presume that Cornell was rerouted to feed into NW Lovejoy to redirect that traffic towards the new Steel Bridge when it was opened in 1912.

    Depending on how much advanced reworking of the streets had taken place, this photo was probably taken just around the time that this section of Cornell was renamed Westover.

    There was also an interesting looking biergarten shown on the early Sanborns just to the south along Burnside. If you have a Multnomah County Library card, you can pull up the Sanborn maps and check it out yourself via the library’s website genealogy resources link.

  2. Between the earlier 1909 photo linked and this 1911 photo, it looks like the building was extended considerably further to the south (removing and building beyond the external porches shown in the older photo).

  3. On March 18, 1965, I had open heart surgery in this hospital. It was performed by Dr. Albert Starr. Fifty years ago!!!

  4. Hey !! I was born here in 1952; revisiting it a few years later to get stitched up. Having started out a spooky place, best not visited, by the time they replaced it out on SW Barnes, it was a complete horror. The Westover Condos are a vast improvement

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