7 thoughts on “N Knott Street, 1959

  1. What was left of this corner can be seen in this 1974 aerial. The corner they’re standing on can be seen just below the center of the photo. The white building behind and to the left of the children is easy to identify. Today, the location of this corner is in a parking lot of the Emanuel complex, just in front of the Ronald McDonald House Charities building.

  2. Though this corner is long gone, the white building behind the children is, in fact, still there (though no longer white). In today’s post the photo is looking east up Knott Street across N Commercial towards the next block N. Gantenbein Ave.

    This street view is from Knott and Gantenbein looking back west (down what would have been Knott street) towards where the children are standing. The building to the right in the street view is the same building on the left in the photo above. You can see the windows match the window just visible above the girl’s shoulder.

  3. I wonder about this area when I drive through there; I know there are a few other pictures of blocks that no longer exist, but are there many other sites dealing with vanished Albina, especially after the hospital cleared more land than they needed? It seems like the shoe of “urban renewal” and the freeway came down repeatedly on a not very big area in the 50’s and 60’s.

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