9 thoughts on “NE 82nd Avenue, circa 1934

  1. Interesting…the house on the left, on the corner of Halsey & 82nd, (Now, Falcon Travel Group), looks like the same house, with, of course, a little alteration to the second story bedroom/dormer window…and…I wonder if the fire hydrant on the right side of 82nd & Halsey is the same one…hmmm…(I thought they eventually widened 82nd)…and look at all those telephone poles! Think of all the poles they used per block back then…and then, start multiplying that by the number of blocks…and just keep goin’…that’s one hell of a lot of trees…ya know? Wow!


  2. @Jim Kahn: Definitely the same house on the corner of Holladay (not Halsey). Fire hydrant is probably the same, but has been moved back behind the sidewalk now. The sidewalk itself may well be the same location because it looks like the R.B. Grocery is likely the Sunny Market building today.

    Halsey was widened, but most of the right-of-way width is there already in the photo with the unpaved shoulders (today 82nd has no shoulders at that point). Also, the Falcon Travel house’s porch now sits right on the sidewalk whereas it looks to have had at least a small bit of land between it and the sidewalk in the photo.

  3. In regard to the 2014 photos: I am always surprised at how many ‘unimproved’ streets there are in Portland. I have bottomed out more than once in many a neighborhood.

  4. So, if the house on the left and the meat market building are still standing, AND they both had sidewalks (or dirt paths) then and now, how on earth did they widen the street? Or did they widen the street?

  5. This was my home neighborhood from 1940 till 1955. Born and raised 76th and Broadway. The intersection of 82nd and Halsey is where the two story building in the distance is on the SW corner,Teeny’s Department Store occupied that building till at least 1950. As late as 1945 the intersection of NE Halsey and 82nd was governed by a flasher light indicating yellow (caution) for 82nd and red (full stop) for Halsey. This was the point at which Halsey crossed over the railroad cut creating a jog to the North. The Northeast corner of the intersection was occupied by The Red Pig Tavern across the viaduct. In the depression years a large “Hooverville” transient camp sprung up under that viaduct.
    For several years after WW2 I had a Oregon Journal paper route that covered this area. By that time the southern intersection of 82nd and Halsey was governed by a 4 way red flasher and the northern intersection by a stop sign for Halsey only. 82nd was widened by paving the parking on either side and the right of way was wide enough to accommodate 4 lanes and on street parking and sidewalks there was no need to cut back buildings from NE Lombard thru Montavilla and beyond, The viaduct at 82nd and Halsey likewise was constructed at that width and was not modified until the construction of I 80N in 1954
    The lot on the photo left was taken for a Rocket Gas station in about 1948. The meat market on the right survived the 50s either as a meat market or grocery or some combination.The lot on the east side, camera left would be occupied by apartment buildings constructed in the post war boom.
    The first building on the left by about 1950 was occupied by Archie Stanley and his chimney sweep business and the house beyond by Archie”s parents. The next lot to the North, (next block) became Gorden’s Used Car Lot.
    Beyond Halsey to the North 82nd descends into Sullivan’s Gulch and reappears in the distance at that large white building that marks the present day location of Madison High school.

  6. Brian…
    Oops…got my “H’s” mixed while typing…my mistake…typing too fast!

    Terrific information…thanks!

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