14 thoughts on “NE Broadway

  1. I see from the street view photo that this building is still standing, but has been remodeled. Now has a single entrance and address. The building had a nice front lawn in 1929 but that is pretty much gone in the recent photo. Looks like the house to the right has also survived.

  2. very cool…its mildly interesting to see how much paving has happened. the curb in the original picture is 6-7 inches tall and now its close to even with the road. m

  3. @PMC Well, actually the curb in this photo is long gone as the number guy is there pre-widening to document the property that’s being affected. But nonetheless I’m sure the rebuilt curb was of similar height and now you’re right that it’s hardly visible.

  4. That poor numbers man. Look at his narrow drooping shoulders and wide bony hips suggesting he may have been to closely related to his relatives. His wrinkled suit jacket looks like he slept in it.

  5. It is not wise to disparage the Numbers Man; for if you disparage the Numbers Man, you may awaken to find the first fifteen feet of your home is now roadway.

  6. hahaha @ Jim. that Pontiac though. Man, how I’d love to take a time machine to that era and buy a bunch of new cars and sell them for a fortune now. (keeping a few of course)

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