5 thoughts on “SW Broadway, 1976

  1. It’s odd to think how time passes… like that guy sitting in the booth at the restaurant. Maybe he was waiting for his meal with anticipation, hungry because he was in a rush that morning and had to skip breakfast. Or maybe he was waiting for the check after finding the burger quite tasty, but the fries a little too greasy. Perhaps he had plans afterwards, or was going back to work to finish his shift at a job he either loved or hated, but still had a good 20 years left before retirement. Perhaps he was thinking about what he was going to do that night or maybe he even had a first date planned and butterfiies filled his stomach.

    That moment is gone. Thoughts he had of life, love, future vacations and adventures that lay before him… even mundane things like needing to mow the front lawn that upcoming weekend are now all gone. All those ideas, dreams and desires he had are now 39 years in the past. Makes you realize that this is our time, our moment in history… and before you know, it will be over; we will all be the past soon enough.

  2. I use to eat lnuch at the Bonfire when I worked at The Bank Of California (Now Union Bank) I remember the Blazer Victory Parade coming down this way. “The Good Old Days”

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