Union Avenue, 1932

This photograph of Union Avenue [Martin Luther King Jr Blvd] and Killingsworth Street was taken January 4, 1932.


Bank building at Union Avenue [Martin Luther King Jr Blvd] and Killingsworth Avenue, Jan. 4, 1932: A2004-001.664

Union Avenue [Martin Luther King Jr Blvd] and Killingsworth Avenue, Jan. 4, 1932: A2004-001.664

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19 thoughts on “Union Avenue, 1932

  1. Are you sure that this is Killingsworth? There should be a gas station on the corner there to the north east side. These buildings do not look in the right place. Any other pictures of that corner facing the other way? Thanks craig

  2. I used to work at the post office near killingsworth and MLK and I don’t recognize any of these buildings!

  3. This looks more like it is looking west on Killingsworth and not on Union, but I wonder if it is not another location all togather.

  4. The building on the left got my attention too. It looks rather important…the design…possibly a bank, a post office, a police station…something other than just a simple commercial business. The windows, taller rather than wider, indicate a design that is more “office/business” oriented.

  5. This is Killingsworth looking east towards Union. The newer bank building to the left is now the parking lot for the US bank. Walnut park building and the 76 station have yet to displace the two corner buildings we see. The lamp posts on all four corners are in exactly the same place and I’m pretty sure some of these utility poles are still the same ones in use today, although with fewer cross arms.

  6. I believe the building on the left is a Post Office. Post Office Station F was on the SW corner of the intersection of Union and Killingsworth.

  7. That would make sense JohnH. The Piedmont post office in now located just east of this intersection. Both the post office and the US bank building look mid-century brick and glass. Did US bank buy the old post office and tear it down?

  8. I hate to inject a little controversy, but the Sanborn maps (Vol 5, 1924-Aug 1950) indicate that the Post Office was on the NE corner of that intersection (Sheet 529: https://www.dropbox.com/s/tw9x2zut3qt520d/Screenshot%202015-02-06%2011.34.47.png?dl=0 , but I suppose it’s possible it was on both the SE and NE corners?), and a bank stood where the current bank stands today on the NW corner (Sheet 528: https://www.dropbox.com/s/7hd78v0el0fx9x0/Screenshot%202015-02-06%2011.36.51.png?dl=0 )

  9. I am confident that the building on the left is the Raven Creamery, farther down MLK. According to the 1932 City Directory, at the corner of Union and Killingsworth : 1150 Marquart Bros Drugs. and on the other side of Killingsworth: 1158 Union, Bigley, Jas E jwlr, Quality Barber and Beauty Salon, 1160 Sigourney Chas H meats/Peidmont Grocery. 1161 Union State Bank and 1162 Post Office Sub Sta F.

  10. Julie, no, this is indeed Killingsworth & Union looking east. The white building is the US Bank building on the NW corner. Here’s a view looking south down Union with the bank building on the NW corner (i.e. right foreground).

    And see Too Much Time Tom’s link above for the view looking west with the bank again visible on the NW corner.

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