11 thoughts on “Stanton Yard, circa 1955

  1. In doing just a wee bit of poking around, I found a little bit of information about those “scoopmobiles”.

    In their day (the 1950’s and ’60’s), the 3 wheeled front end loader was intensely popular with state and county road departments, particularly around Oregon where they were made by The Wagner Brothers of Portland…later to be split into FWD Wagner, Scoopmobiles and Wagner Mining Scoop. The model looks to be of what they called an LD7 or LD8 manufactured in the 1950’s. The expected engine would have been a Cummins and the transmission either an Allison or a Twin Disc. The Axles are mostly likely Clark.

  2. I remember Hyster at the Hollywood Dirty Fred’s (Fred Meyer). Its an inside joke.if you have to ask, You wont understand…

    Anyway, Scoopmobile 3 wheelers are simple & tough loaders, But flat ground only, Many were toppled or nearly so.

  3. I remember FWD Wagner and Hyster at the NE 28th ave location. Several times I delivered hydraulic fittings to FWD Wagner there.

  4. My grade school best friend’s Dad worked as a comptroller at FWD Wagner in the ’60’s. I thought it was out in east Multnomah county where we lived?

  5. This is a Scoopmobile Model B. It appears to be the same one as pictured on Dec 10 (as pointed out above), but has been repainted between photos. It would have originally been orange.

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