Washington Park, circa 1940

Back in April 2013, a similar aerial of the Washington Park area was posted. This image provides a closer look at the reservoirs and the rose garden, circa 1940.


Aerial of Washington Park reservoirs, circa 1940: A2005-005.1442.1

Aerial of Washington Park reservoirs, circa 1940: A2005-005.1442.1


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5 thoughts on “Washington Park, circa 1940

  1. Ahhh…I remember all those twisting and winding roads…and the tennis courts…and the natural amphitheater with those big hedges as a backdrop…and all those stairs! Summer theater in the park! And take a look at some of those homes! What a great photo!

  2. Pre – Vista Ridge tunnel… I think the Jefferson street underpass used to be the old Canyon Creek Road that wound around up the canyon to Sylvan. I remember as a kid how light the traffic was on the highway. We had no trouble running across the four lanes to get to Findly Sunset Memorial Cemetary to look for duck eggs and explore the Indian caves up on Pointers (now called Elk) mountain. I wouldn’t try that now!

  3. Close to the left corner of the picture, surrounded by lawn and beautiful landscaping was the incredible Loewenberg-Ledbetter mansion. The large 32 room residence was a symphony of wood and stone and could probably never be replicated in this day and age at any price. The moral of the story would seem to be; never leave your beloved residence to the Oregon Historical Society, or the Catholic Church (caretakers of the Knapp mansion), if you want to see it preserved for posterity.

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