NW Broadway Avenue, 1976

This image was taken from NW Broadway Avenue, looking southwest towards NW Everett Street, in 1976. Both buildings are still standing.


Sign Compliance Survey  NW Broadway Street, 1976: A2011-018.264

Sign Compliance Survey NW Broadway Street, 1976: A2011-018.264


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10 thoughts on “NW Broadway Avenue, 1976

  1. if memory serves me the building to the right was an “adult” store and then to the right of that on Flanders was the Meier & Frank Tire Store.

  2. I recall eating at John’s Coffee Shop for staff conversations because it was close, cheap, and there were no grossly inebriated people, or perhaps the intoxicated held it together and didn’t vomit in the restaurant. Compared to another Burnside area restaurants – and one in particular whose name I can’t recall but was notorious – and had a bar attached – John’s was far superior. The food was less greasy than the other neighborhood restaurants; the coffee was strong and not very good, but the wait help kept it coming. John’s appealed to the sober working people and retirees when the Burnside was a skid road. The staff at John’s had a reputation for honesty – that may not seem like much – but other businesses were alleged to bilk the locals out of money. Thanx for posting this photo. I’d forgotten about John’s.

  3. I’m always a sucker for a mansard roof! Apparently Emil Schacht built an addition to the original building keeping in the same style– an early example of historically-sensitive renovation work 🙂

    The building was first called the Tremont House before it became (most famously know as) the Golden West Hotel (Central City Concern owns the property and has since restored the original sign– you can see from the Google Maps view linked above) from 1906-1931. It became the Broadmoor in 1943 as low-income housing until 1984 (8 years after the photo was taken). Keeping with the history, CCC still operates it as such.
    A bit of Vintage Portland connection: W.D. Allen, the original proprietor of the Golden West, upon closing his hotel on the old North side, relocated to Albina (the new North side) and opened the Medley Hotel on the corner of now N Interstate & Albina as seen in this old VP post: https://vintageportland.wordpress.com/2009/11/23/n-interstate-albina/
    Unfortunately, the building did not survive the mid-century.

  4. A Mansard roof! I’m never there on foot and when I’m driving I look straight ahead, because that stretch of Broadway stresses me out. That’ll teach me.

  5. funny someone should mention cockroaches. I only ate at Johns once, and when I came back to my table from the bathroom there were three cockroaches snacking on my breakfast. I love that it’s still around, and I may give it another chance someday, but that was disgusting to say the least.

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