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  1. Linnton was incorporated in 1905. It was a company town for Clark-Wilson and Western Oregon lumber mills, and the Columbia Engineering Works shipyard. Linnton was annexed by Portland in 1915, which brought Forrest Park into the city boundaries of Portland.

    The first Linnton School was built in the mid-1890’s, and by 1911, there were two schools.
    The second Linnton School, up on NW 2nd Avenue, was saved from demolition and was later turned into the Linnton-School Place Condo’s…an 11 unit redevelopment. Charming, although the added garage units still seem to stimulate negative controversy within the community and it’s very easy to see why. They simply lack any attention to detail what-so-ever and do not reflect any respect for the former school and its original design. As for the inside remodeling design…it’s best that I keep those opinions to myself.

    However, looking at the photo, it’s easy to assume that it’s the first school…the wood siding seems to indicate it…the second school was constructed of brick. (I’m still curious as to the original location of the first school.)

    Another little note regarding the photo…I love the knickers!


  2. Jim Kahn asked about the location of the first Linnton School:

    According to the 1908-1909 Sanborn Map (volume 1, sheet 90; available to Multnomah County Library members via Digital Sanborn Maps), the school was was up the hill above the road on the west side of 2nd St.

    This spot is now the 10400 block of NW St. Helen’s Rd.

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  4. Does anyone have the identities of any of the children? I would be interested in looking up their families on Ancestry.com!

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