N Interstate Avenue, 1963

N Interstate Avenue at N Shaver Street, looking north in 1963. It provides a great view of The Alibi, which is still in business.


View of the Alibi Resturant on N Interstate at N Shaver (VZ 444-63), 1963: A2011-013

View of the Alibi Resturant on N Interstate at N Shaver (VZ 444-63), 1963: A2011-013


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19 thoughts on “N Interstate Avenue, 1963

  1. Street view from July 2014 showing the Alibi (4024 N. Interstate Ave) as it looks today. And of course Interstate Ave is very different now (only one lane for vehicles in each direction and the MAX line running through the center).

  2. Used to go the Alibi when I was younger. Haven’t been there in over 35 years. Glad to hear it is still there, thought it might be gone by now.

  3. I’m a long time resident of Portland now, but was raised in Eastern Oregon. As a child, my family used to make yearly trips to Portland. I remember how impressed every member of my family was the first time we ate there (about 1974-75). Other great restaurants I recall were the Old Spaghetti Factory with its red velvet curtains, victorian furniture, Our Gang silents playing on a screen at the reception area, and dining in the trolley car (when OSF was on 2nd and Pine – now the Venue 26 building); the Medieval Inn where I first learned of my love for Prime Rib (if I recall, it was in the Skidmore Fountain building, later it was Louis’ La Bamba); L’Omelette (somewhere near the current Pioneer Square, I think); and my favorite (remember, I was a kid, so don’t judge), the IHOP on Park.

    After my move to Portland in 86, Hamburger Mary’s was a favorite (on the same block as the IHOP – now Fox Tower) as well as the Ringside on Burnside. Sadly, the Ringside is the only one remaining.

  4. I mean, only one remaining other than the Alibi. One favorite as a young adult (how could I forget) – Macheezmo Mouse!

  5. Correction on the Medieval Inn. I believe it was actually in the New Market Annex. Does anybody else have nostalgia for long-time or vanished Portland restaurants?

  6. Yes, the old TikTok, Yaws(worked there for 3 years), The Pagoda, Shakeys Pizza Parlors & Carmens(I met my wife of 33 years there) for those no longer here

  7. Does anyone remember The Carnival restaurant on Terwilliger Blvd.? Or Mundon”s (sp) on Sandy near 12th St.? Or the Coon Chicken Inn on Sandy near 47th?

  8. I notice that the old blue street signs are replaced by the green ones. The street lights were not far behind.

  9. The neighborhood! Grew up 5 blocks west in the Overlook neighborhood. The photo was taken from the southeast corner, location of Farrel & Brooks Signal service station. Further up Interstate on the right is the old Safeway store (corner of Mason), now Harbor Freight, and then just past Going street on Maryland is Blessed Sacrament Parish. Back is these days Interstate was motel row…

  10. Jack Ross…

    The Carnival Restaurant…2805 SW Sam Jackson Park Road…just “spitting distance” from Terwilliger Blvd…what a fun place to go on a Sunday afternoon…how sad…torn down in 2007…and now…it’s just another parking lot…with ghosts from the past, roaming around, looking for that waterfall…

    Ahhh…The Coon Chicken Inn…over in the Hollywood district on Sandy Blvd at 54th…it opened in 1931, and lasted until a “mysterious fire” happened in 1956…hmmm… Funny…a nationwide “chain” of four restaurants! (Salt Lake City, Lake City-near Seattle, Portland, and one advertised in Spokane that never opened!) The location is now Clyde’s Prime Rib.

  11. Love the Alibi !
    I woke up in their parking lot one morning after a day at Polish Fest a couple blocks down the street.
    Not that I am proud of that or anything….

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