6 thoughts on “Hill Military Academy, 1935

  1. Hill Military Academy‚Äôs original four-story campus building was located in the quiet residential area of Northwest Portland, on NW Marshall St….Block 13. (2451 NW Marshall St.) It was founded in 1901 by Joseph Wood Hill, originally from Connecticut. That building was demolished in 1945.

    The Academy later moved their campus to Rocky Butte in 1931. The Academy built 13 concrete buildings on the North-end of Rocky Butte. (9200 NE Freemont St.) There were three school dormitories, school buildings, a large armory that included a drill hall and workshops, a flag-pole, a mess hall & kitchen, executive offices, and housing for the staff, the faculty and the employees. It wasn’t until 1944 that the new gymnasium was constructed. The Academy closed in 1959.

    There’s lots of history out there regarding the Hill Military Academy, even in the Vintage Portland files, but after looking around a bit, I couldn’t find anything about “Daniel Kern Hall”…so…was it the name of one of the buildings at the Hill Military Academy up on Rocky Butte or was Kern Hall simply another building located elsewhere in Portland? Hmmm…

  2. My mother took me on a visit there in the late 40’s. I wanted to enroll there but she decided to enroll me in Lakeside in Seattle. I wanted to go to a military school but she wouldn’t hear of it so I got even in 1954, I joined the Marine Corps.

  3. Brian is almost certainly correct in declaring the pictured building still extant as part of the Portland Bible College. Daniel Kern Hall was one of two new buildings at the Hill Military Academy campus on Rocky Butte dedicated on 18 Oct 1931; the other new building was called “Franklin T. Griffith Hall.” Kern and Griffith were prominent Portland businessmen and were present at the dedication ceremonies. Kern and his family lived on the Kern estate between NE 14th and NE 15th avenues in what became the Lloyd Center complex. Kern (1856-1933) was a building general contractor involved in maritime and railroad construction around this region. Per the Oregonian, a public reception was held at Kern Hall in 1935 at which the school marching band was featured entertainment; perhaps that is the occasion shown in this photo?

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